EP 121

Making Construction a great place to work: can flexible working help - a view after one year of research. (EP 121)



In the studio today, Paul is joined by Emma Stewart, MBE, Co-Founder at TimeWise. Emma is a social entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience working with people, policymakers and businesses to tackle inequalities, improve the world of work and deliver tangible social impact.

Emma is passionate about inspiring social change and contributes to numerous government task forces, reports and initiatives, and is a regular media commentator on how to shape better, fairer labour markets and raise family living standards.

The episode was designed as a follow-on to episodes 104 and 111, which focused on whether a 4-day working week was possible in construction and how to get a better work-life balance.

In today’s conversation, Emma explains how TimeWise is changing the world of work through flexible working. We discuss the recent report “Making Construction a Great Place to Work” and the follow-on report “One Year On” and discuss how flexible working can improve the sector and all our lives.

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Vesting Certificate Template

Occasionally, with materials that have a long lead in time or are in short supply, suppliers or subc...

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