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Control quality and deliverability


As an SME Developer, you often have two routes available to procure construction. One is via traditional Design & Build with a Main Contractor. The other is a modern approach through Construction Management where you manage the construction and subcontractors, with either an in-house team or external consultant.

With design and build, you’re shifting some of the construction risk to a Main Contractor. In return, the Main Contractor takes a slice of your profit (indirectly), decides who will build the development, and coordinates the programme. Effectively, you’re cutting your profit margin and sacrificing control over quality and programme in exchange for price certainty.


What’s important to you?

Would you like to select the subcontractors that actually build your development? Would you like ultimate control of design? How important is the speed of delivery?

When you work with a Main Contractor, you're conceding a lot in return for price certainty, but your success is in the hands of one contractor. If they’re performing poorly, slow on delivering feedback and responding to your communications, you're powerless to regain control of the project.

C-Link is the perfect subcontract procurement tool for SME developers working with the Construction Management method. You manage your project documents in one place, identify the right subcontractors to deliver your product, and get on site quicker. Unlike traditional procurement, you don’t need every design before tendering the works in full with a Main Contractor. You can design as you go, tender each package in stages, and reduce the time it takes to complete the development.


Ready to take control of the build quality and programme on your project?

Manage projects in one place, identify the right subcontractors and waste zero time making a start on site. Check out for yourself what C-link could do for your business.