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Main Contractors and Property Developers use C-Link to expand their supply chain and tender with the best subcontractors in their region quickly and professionally.

“I love the C-Link supply chain feature which includes fully vetted subcontractors – it feels like scaled word of mouth recommendation. If you’re a small or medium sized builder I highly recommend you C-Link.”

Glover Homes is a quality residential developer providing high quality properties around the Midlands Region. Glover Homes build 20-30 houses per year and they use C-Link to help deliver projects on budget, on time and to a high specification.

As they’re a smaller house builder, Glover Homes use C-Link to find new subcontractors for tendering, to professionalise the way tenders and contract documents are sent out and to improve the way they manage commercial documentation. Glover Homes reduced the commercial admin around procurement by about 30 hours per package.

Used by hundreds of main contractors and developers
to manage their procurement

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