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Managingprojects per year, procuring an average ofpackages on each, you’ll save 0 hours and £000,000 labour costs in commercial admin.

There’s nothing more tedious than tendering! Thankfully, there’s a new way to get the job done quickly.

Save 400 hours in commercial admin through automation

It takes a long time to traipse through documents, copy, paste, and edit Word templates for every subcontract. 400 hours to be exact according to our users.

With C-Links document creator, it’s quick and simple to create and edit tender documents and JCT amended contracts, then issue to your subcontractors with one click.

Save 400hrs on my next project

Save 400 hours in commercial admin through automation


As you read this, over £1 billion in contract value is
being tendered through C-Link

Get quotes without
doing the legwork


Get quotes without
doing the legwork

It’s difficult to find professional subcontractors who are quick to respond and
issue tenders. With C-Link, a vetted pool of subcontractors come
to you to request to tender for your package and project.

  • Reference checked
  • Insurance checked
  • Accredited and certified

Eliminate sloppy communication

Keep each subcontractor conversation focused on one channel, store
messaging history, then capture and record the dialogue to form
part of the order.

Eliminate sloppy communication


Manage all subcontractors in one place


Manage all subcontractors in one place

Upload all of your existing subcontractors to C-Link, and you’ll have one
place to manage and communicate with your entire supply chain.

Best of all, you don’t need to cajole your subcontractors into using
a new platform for communications. Your subcontractors receive
orders and messages in their email inbox, and when they reply,
it comes direct to you in your dashboard.

Stay on schedule
and on budget

No more manual reminders to issue orders or invitations to tender.
Use C-Link calendars and tools to track your procurement schedule,
compare prices, and identify non-compliant tenders.

Stay on schedule and on budget


One platform. No spreadsheets.

All the tools you need to get subcontract
procurement done without the legwork.

  • one-platform-1

    A CRM to manage your Supply Chain in one place

  • one-platform-2

    Automatic Document and Contract builder

  • one-platform-3

    Vetted Subcontractors that come to you