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C-Link is construction software built to make procurement simple. Our innovative software helps construction companies save time and money when sourcing Subcontractors.

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Procurement Solutions for Construction

Stop wasting time on dull procurement admin tasks. C-Link takes on all of the repetitive time consuming chores associated with construction procurement, letting you focus on the work that really adds value to your business.
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Project Planning

Our platform allows you to plan procurement to help you deliver the best results for your project. Issue your project and C-Link will deliver a schedule of interested and suitable specialist contractors.
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Our tools streamline the enquiry and tendering process. Upload documents and issue to your selected specialist contractors at the click of a button.
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C-Link hosts a community of pre-qualified specialist contractors and consultants. You can search by trade, service, location and size to help find the right specialist for your project.
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For specialist contractors, consultants and suppliers, C-Link is a great place for you to promote your business and generate live leads for your company. C-Link is used by main contractors and developers to deliver their projects.

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