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Main Contractors and Developers are using C-Link to quickly identify smart subcontractors that reduce costs through efficient project management and expert value engineering.

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Thornsett Group plc is a developer that builds around 200 units per year. Thornsett currently split the management of their projects, using a Main Contractor on larger developments and their in-house Construction team on smaller schemes.

As they’re not a traditional contractor, they have limited resource in their construction and commercial teams. Thornsett used C-Link to automate procurement and commercial tasks required to manage the project. In the process, they saved up to 12% on sub contract packages compared to previous projects and reduced the administrative workload of their in-house team.

Used by hundreds of main contractors and developers to manage their procurement


The platform is easy to use and has proved a convenient way for us to organise our tendering. Innovative concepts like this can seem daunting, however the support offered by the C-link team ensures the process is very straightforward.

The website is a great source of subcontractors looking for work; the pre-qualification of the subcontractors takes away a lot of the mystery in finding quality new trades. As a smaller construction company with limited resources, we have found C-link to be a valuable commercial aid.

Dominic Facchino, Director

Formal Property Group

There is a growing pool of subcontractors and contractors that we are able to access via C-Link and mixed with our own preferred subcontractor we found we have ended up using the C-Link subcontractors on a number of occasions with great success.

The process, once learnt, helps with the strategic planning of a project, greatly aids speed of tender issue, contract award and engrossment. For sure it has meant that we have been more methodical and up to speed in fully awarding packages and entering into contracts prior to start on site. Overall we know that the C-Link experience has saved us time and money both in our own time management and also subcontractor prices.

Andy Szymanski, Project Manager

Vivant Homes

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