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Why we built C-Link

C-Link was founded by two Quantity Surveyors (QS) with experience on both the main contracting and sub contracting side of business. As QS, it was their job to squeeze as much profit from each project as possible. They both agreed that the one area of their role that had the biggest impact on margins was subcontract procurement.

If you find the right subcontractor for a package, they'll provide insight to reduce costs through value engineering, they'll deliver on time and at the quality required.

The wrong subcontractor can blow everything! Delays, conflicts, disputes, etc. In fact, for the Main Contractor or Developer, the swing in profit margin between a great subcontractor and a poor one could be up to 30%. When Main Contractors are winning work at a forecasted 5% margin (and that's on the high side), a 30% swing is enormous.

We know that Main Contractors and Developers have many dilemmas and challenges when it comes to procurement. Firstly, many of them are working with old supply chain data. They also have a shallow pool of subbies, so they know it's likely that they're not getting competitive rates from their current subcontractors. But, their current suppliers are a known quantity. If they try a new subcontractor, there is a risk that they won't deliver, and that comes with a high cost.

A shallow supply chain not only leads to uncompetitive supplier rates, but it also means a lack of backup. If your subcontractor on site enters into liquidation in the middle of a project, you have to desperately go out and find someone new with the capacity and experience to step in and pick the package up. Or, if a package is handed to you by the Client, for which you have no suitable subcontractors in your supply chain, you're left with a procurement emergency.

These kinds of dilemmas led to our founders, Chris and Paul, launching C-Link with the view to building a platform that brings Main Contractors and Developers together with quality subcontractors. An environment where subcontractors are prequalified and matched up to suitable projects.

But, the initial idea grew: we didn't want to stop there. We wanted to make C-Link the ultimate platform to help Main Contractors and Developers increase project profits in a holistic way. We developed tools to speed up dull tasks like checking drawings for variations, drawing up contracts and pulling together tender packages with hundreds of drawings for dozens of trades.

Our aim is to create a procurement platform and software that helps you grow your business and generate increased profits from your project, but in a collaborative way that isn't to the detriment of subcontractors. You don't need to 'subby bash' to make money on a project. By optimising every process and identifying 80/20 gains, you can have profound impacts on your bottom line, and that's exactly what we aim to deliver with C-link.