Improve profitability

Construction is expensive, and the growth in material and labour costs is forecasted
to outpace that of property prices over the next five years.

C-Link gives SME Developers and Main Contractors the ability to ‘shop better’.
For many small businesses in the sector, you have a small supply chain. It could be
as small as simply having one trusted subcontractor for each trade. Perhaps you’re
lucky enough to have two good subcontractors covering a couple of trades. For
more specialist packages, it may be that you don’t currently have any relationships.

If this is the case, how can you be sure that you’re receiving a competitive price?


Save 5% against budget
construction costs

Through smart procurement, not only do you see the natural benefit of a
competitive tendering process, but you also introduce different perspectives
and experiences to the table.

Often, the result is that you receive value engineering ideas that you’d
never considered previously.

Save 5% against budget
construction costs


Gain efficiencies
through automation


Gain efficiencies
through automation

The best part is, all this talk of savings hasn’t even touched upon the cost-saving
efficiencies that our automation tools provide for your commercial administration.
Our research shows that, on average, C-Link users save more than
in commercial admin costs per project.

You can read more about the C-Link Guarantee, and you can use our
ROI Calculator to get an accurate estimate on how much admin time and
money C-Link will save your business.

Ready to start increasing your project margins?

We guarantee that if you don’t save 5% against budget construction costs when you manage subcontract
procurement with C-Link, we’ll give your money back. Why wouldn’t you try C-Link?