Subcontract procurement

any time, anywhere.

Subcontract procurement isn’t rocket science, but it’s time-consuming, and there’s a lot of admin. When you’re working in a traditional messy environment with dozens of excels, duplicating previous contracts, project documents saved all over the place, you’re adding more headaches to an admin intensive task.

Where was that tender document that you created for the previous roofing package? You need to duplicate the file, edit it, check there are no typos and that there isn’t any information from the previous project, find the contact information for the subcontractor, and get the information on rates from previous works. That’s all for one package. There are twenty more to go!

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Fancy a clutter-free

Imagine having all your subcontract procurement in one place.
All of your drawings and specification files, your tender documents,
your orders, your subcontractor communications, everything together
and quickly accessible.

You’ll no longer have dozens of excel spreadsheets covering different
packages on different projects,
spilling out of folders onto your desktop.
You don’t have to print off a mountain of documents to take with you
to site. It’s all the C-Link portal, whether on your laptop, tablet, or mobile.

Fancy a clutter-free

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Everything at your fingertips
when you need it

The groundworks are underway. You’ve got a pre-let meeting for the roofing package
at 11 am, and you need to get the tender enquiry out for drylining by 4pm.
There’s a lot of packages, documents, and enquiries to sift through.

With C-Link, it’s all in one place, no matter what stage each package is at. Everything is
and your project documents are securely stored on our portal.
As long as you have access to a device with an internet connection, you
can manage subcontract procurement any time, anywhere.

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