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Streamline and Automate your Procurement

There’s nothing more tedious than tendering


Traditional methods to manage subcontract procurement are outdated and inefficient. It takes up so much time! You’re spending hours tweaking the same contract template to send to multiple people on different packages, reviewing each to check that you’ve cleaned out any information from previous projects.

You’re reaching out to new subcontractors, waiting to hear back if they’re interested in pricing the job, chasing up other subcontractors to find out where their quotation is, and speaking with other packages further down the line to understand if they’ve priced apples with apples.

With C-Link, you can iron out so much of the legwork and repetition. You can plan ahead, store documents centrally, automate the creation of tenders and contracts, communicate through one channel, and set reminders and calendar notices.


Automated creation of tenders

Once you’ve shortlisted the subcontractors for a package, you need to create a tender document. As you’ve uploaded the project files, our system has already split the relevant documents to each package, so they’re automatically appended to any tender you want to send out.

When you’re ready, you create a tender document using one of our templates, produced by a top construction law firm in London. With the power of automation, the template means you spend minimal time creating the tender. You use our WYSIWYG design to add project-specific elements to the tender. Click send, and every subcontractor in your supply chain for the package receives the tender.


Tender analysis in one place

Once you start receiving prices back, you can use our tender analysis tool to review and compare quotations and subcontractors.

Have a question for a subcontractor? Maybe they need to ask you something about the project. You can use our messaging system and keep track of all dialogue within our platform. When you use our messaging service, you store any relevant communications on C-Link, and a history of all discussions is available alongside the subcontractor in the tender analysis section.


Create contracts in minutes

Once you’ve selected a subcontractor for the package, as with tender documents, use the power of automation to create a robust subcontract order in minutes. We offer a range of template contracts, from small works orders to JCT amended D&B contracts. Input project and package-specific data, then click send.


Cut the repetition and waste out
of your commercial admin

Start building tender documents and contracts in minutes, not hours. Check out for yourself what C-link could do for your business.