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What is C-Link and how does it work?

C-Link brings together all of your subcontract procurement into one Web App. Find subcontractors, manage your supply chain, create automated tender documents, compare prices, issue orders.


Instantly connect with vetted subcontractors

C-Link does the legwork to vet subcontractors. Even better, you don't need to go looking for these subcontractors to price for your work; they come to you.


A Supply Chain CRM

Manage your subcontract supply chain on C-Link. You can store all subcontractor contact details and essential documentation on one, easy to access portal.


Create automated tender and orders documents

Use our range of templates, including JCT amended contracts, and document builder, to create tenders and orders in minutes.


Compare subcontractor prices

Our tender analysis tools allow you to compare subcontractor prices and measure against budget construction costs.


One place for communications

Use our messaging feature to communicate with subcontractors and store all dialogue for easy access at any point during tender and construction.


Improve profitability

Reduce commercial admin time, increase competitive tendering, and introduce new subcontractors and ideas to value engineer your next project. We offer to refund your subscription in full if you don't save 5% against budget costs when you procure through C-Link.

Ready to increase project margins?

We guarantee that you’ll save 5% against budget construction costs when you manage subcontractor procurement with C-Link, or we’ll give you a full refund.
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