EP 120

Smash and grab adjudications: what are they and how can you protect your project? (EP 120)



In the studio today, I am joined by Connor Mennell. Connor is a Construction solicitor specialising in transactional and contentious dispute work at Gordons LLP.

Connor has negotiated and advised on the terms of building contracts and knows the JCT and NEC standard forms. Connor also has experience resolving disputes through litigation, adjudication and mediation and providing commercial advice during ongoing projects to avoid formal disputes.

In today’s conversation, Connor talks of his experience resolving smash-and-grab adjudications for his clients. Smash and grab adjudications are on the rise and can be costly, so it is critical to understand them, protect your project against them and be able to defend yourself if they happen.

You must listen to this episode if you’re a QS or a Main Contractor.

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Bill of Quantities Template

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