EP 157

How to Write Simple and Effective Subcontracts that are Back to Back with the Main Contract. (EP 157)



In this episode, Paul is joined by Sarah Fox, a construction contract expert and Director at 500 Words, who delivers simple digital trust-enhancing contracts to put construction companies in control.

In today’s conversation, we discussed Sarah’s book - “How to Write Simple and Effective Subcontract Agreements in Just 500 Words”. Sarah was inspired to write this book for “all the talented construction companies frustrated with horrific one-sided contracts”.

We discuss in today’s show how Main and Subcontractors should manage and negotiate Back-to-Back Main Contracts reasonably and fairly to benefit all parties involved.

You can download Sarah’s books here.

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I’ve shared a link to the eBook: Tackling the UK’s Quantity Surveying Shortage.


Tackling the UK's Quantity Surveying Shortage

In the UK, sentiment around the lack of Quantity Surveyors (QS) in the market has been high for quit...

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