EP 154

A reflection on construction costs in 2023 and a look ahead to 2024 and Beyond (EP 154)



This week, Paul is joined by his close friend and QS, Chris Barber. Chris is a Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) at C-Link and Prosper and a passionate advocate for subcontractors on his YouTube channel, School of Sub

Today’s conversation centres on a piece of research and writing that Paul undertook for the RICS, reflecting on how construction labour and materials costs developed in 2023 and focusing on 2024 and 2025.

The conversation turns to the growing concern that the construction labour shortage will lead to significantly increased costs for Subcontractors and Main Contractors. Paul and Chris debate which medium to long-term strategies and tactics Main Contractors can implement to ensure they defend against this, including discussing supply chain management, payment, and how to ‘position’ yourself as a main contractor that is different from your clients.

I’ve shared a link to the RICS article here: Why industry can look ahead with cautious optimism


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