EP 153

Where is the data to decarbonise the built environment? (EP 153)



This week, Paul is joined by Anil Sawhney, Director of the Infrastructure Sector at the RICS. 

Anil leads the emerging RICS initiative and strategy on placing and positioning the Institution within the field of excellent commercial management of projects globally with a primary focus on the (economic) Infrastructure sector, defined by the RICS as transport, utilities, energy and similar fields.

In today’s show, we discuss the data behind decarbonising construction, focusing on shifting our mentalities to a whole-of-life worldview - something Anil feels we don’t currently have. 

If you want to understand better how the RICS and Anil, an industry-leading voice, plan to change the construction world, this episode is for you. I have placed linked below to some of the information referred to by Anil in the show:

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