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Construction Industry Growth Tempered By EU Uncertainty

by Paul Heming

We spoke last week about how a Brexit could affect the Construction industry, with one of the primary issues raised being the level of uncertainty that surrounds Britain’s European Union (EU) status and how it is causing issues for the industry in the present day, as well as potentially leading to changes down the line. This uncertainty has manifested itself in recent months, with official figures stating that the UK’s Construction industry shrank by 0.3% in February, amidst uncertainty about a Brexit and what it might mean. Before we read too much into this, it is important to note that this shrinkage is not as serious as it first appears. In the three months leading into February 2016, the industry had grown by a remarkable 1.5%, which was its fastest for almost a year. Furthermore, though the industry as a whole has shrunk a little, The Office for National Statistics also claim that private housebuilding rose 3.9% from January 2016, putting this at the highest level it has been since 2010. This means that there are areas within the industry, particularly domestically, that continue to see the growth that is expected over the course of the coming years.Taken into this context, the slight shrinking can be seen more as the Construction industry tempering itself in preparation for what might happen during the EU referendum, rather than as a reduction in demand for the services that can be offered by Specialists. The point is that the industry is continuing to grow, as it only appears to be outside factors, such as Britain’s status in the EU, affecting it at the moment. If you need any further proof, C-Link’s growing community of Professionals and Specialists demonstrate that there are certainly new projects out there for the Specialists who want to find them.By joining the Construction Link community today, Specialists will gain access to a host of valuable resources that will bring Professionals and their new Projects directly to you. While we don’t see Construction continuing its decline, there is no point sitting around and waiting for the EU issue to sort itself out, especially when there is still plenty of work available and new clients to be made.Head to to register your interest and join our ever-growing community of Professionals and Specialists.

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