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A pool of vetted subcontractors

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Many SME Developers and Main Contractors start with a small network of subcontractors. You’ll have a handful of trusted trades that you bring to each development. They may not be the cheapest, or maybe they are, who knows! It doesn’t matter; they do a good job, deliver on time, and you can rely on them.

Unfortunately, you can’t scale your business with just one good roofing subcontractor; you need more. Plus, you’ve never had to grow your supply chain before. You’ve tried reaching out to subcontractors on Google, but it’s hard to find credible businesses interested in working on developments of your size, and when you do, they often don’t reply.


Grow your supply chain with C-Link

When you manage subcontract procurement through C-Link, you can quickly connect with a pool of vetted subcontractors interested in working on SME developments. No legwork required on your part.

You upload project documents, and our system reads the documents, recognises the packages you require, and click publish.

Our network of subcontractors receive an alert about the project and click to express their interest in working with you. You receive a notification of their interest, inspect the subcontractor, and decide whether or not to add them to your supply chain and tender shortlist.


A CRM for subcontract management

As you build more of your projects through C-Link, you grow your supply chain too, and keep all important subcontractor information on our portal. It’s effectively a CRM to manage your subcontractors. You can access contact information, financial information, insurance documents, accreditations, etc., all in one place, any time and anywhere.


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