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Package Collator

Organise Package Documents in minutes

How much time does it take you to organise drawings and documents for procurement?

You spend hours or even days going through each drawing and document, figuring out which trades it's relevant for and dropping it into each package folder ready to send out with your enquiry.

With C-Link Package Collator, you save yourself all that time. Drop in your drawings and project documents and our AI technology will determine which package each drawing is relevant to and distribute it accordingly.

Contract Builder

Create bespoke JCT Contract documents instantly

On each project, the commercial team produces dozens of contracts during the procurement phase. At tender phase, each subcontractor requires bespoke tender documents and each successful subcontractor requires the subcontract itself. When you have several packages on a project, this is a lot of repetitive work!

C-Link Contract Builder takes your project information and automatically creates a draft contract, which you can edit, approve, and send out. The contract is automatically modified for each trade, meaning you only do this one time for every package. A huge saving on time!

Procurement Manager

Don't miss another procurement deadline!

On large projects where you're managing multiple trades, you have a lot of procurement deadlines, staggered over weeks or months. Miss one and it could be a costly mistake. If you have a team, or even if you're working solo, it can be challenging to keep on top of everything.

When you use C-Link to manage procurement, that problem goes away. Our Procurement manager takes all of your deadlines for each phase of procurement and automatically adds them to your calendar, creating reminders for when each package tender needs to go out and be awarded.

A Full Procurement Schedule in Minutes

Upload your project documents and within days you will have a fully populated procurement schedule with pre-qualified subcontractors eager to tender for each package.

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Pre-qualified Subcontractors ready to tender

We know how time consuming it is finding enough subcontractors to price for every package on your project.

C-Link's Plan My Project deals with this challenge, ensuring you have multiple pre-qualified subcontractors that meet your requirements, ready to tender. You save time and get the most competitive, or best value, tenders for every trade.

Find that one subcontractor you're looking for

Just looking for one specialist? We have thousands of pre-qualified subcontractors across the UK covering hundreds of different trades. When you become a C-Link member you can search for subcontractors by trade, location, package size, service and accreditation.

Find a subcontractor
Send multiple Enquiries

Then send multiple enquiries with one click

Once you've found suitable subcontractors that meet your requirements, you can send enquiries, with relevant project documents attached, in just one click.

Companies using C-Link

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We procured multiple Contractors through C-Link and delivered the project on time and with a saving of 10%. We now use C-Link for all our projects.

Jack Calnan, Harris Calnan Construction Limited

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Using C-Link saved us a significant amount of money and allowed us to deliver the project on programme.

Eamon Roberts, Newbourne Homes

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We planned around 20 packages of work using Plan My Project and within days had a completed procurement schedule of interested specialists which allowed me to fully understand the market.

Joe Grealy, Thornsett Developments

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I find C-Link a very useful and effective procurement tool. It has a growing database and a friendly easy to use interface.

Vishal Palmer, Cuffe Plc

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I would highly recommend C-Link to any other QS' who are frustrated with limited internal procurement options as it is the way forward!

Vinny Chana HS2

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