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Manage subcontract procurement the smart way

C-Link is a software platform for Developers and Main Contractors to manage the procurement phase of construction. It's a suite of commercial tools that are proven to increase project margins and cut admin time.

Prequalified Specialist

A full procurement schedule in minutes

We know how time consuming it is finding enough suitable subcontractors to price for each package on your project.

C-Link provides you with pre-qualified subcontractors to tender for each package, as well as a pre-populated procurement schedule that ensures you spend no more than 20 minutes setting up a project. You input the relevant details and documents and within 24 hours you have a populated procurement schedule with 3 or 4 interested subcontractors waiting for your tender enquiry.

Contract Builder

Get Market Value

With our tender analysis tools you'll always get the most competitive construction rates on the market. C-Link pulls in all of the tenders received from every subcontractor for every trade package, then you can select to break out the prices to get a better understanding of what is included in each quotation.

You set and review budgets across the whole project. Once you’ve checked subcontractor prequalification and compliance, the tender analysis will update forecast costs for the package and project in total, allowing you to gain a quick commercial overview of your project.

Procurement Manager

Manage and create contracts

When you work on a project with several packages that need a subcontractor, you have to create tender documents for each package, as well as the subcontract itself. It's a document that needs to be accurate and it takes hours to produce each contract for every package and stage of procurement.

The Contract Builder takes your project information and automatically creates a draft contract or tender document that you can edit, approve, and send out. The document is automatically modified for each trade, meaning you only do this one time for every package.

Package Collator

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Organise package documents in minutes

You're working on a project with multiple packages that need a subcontractor. You have hundreds of documents and drawings to read through and allocate to each relevant package before you can go out to tender.

With the C-Link Package Collator, our software does all of this for you. Drop in your drawings and project documents and our AI technology determines which package each drawing is relevant to and distributes it accordingly.

Don’t miss another procurement deadline

Plan, track and set reminders on all of your procurement tasks with C-Link Procurement Manager.

C-Link extracts the data that you input when you plan your project. Every tender return and sub-contract deadline is automatically added to your calendar for the commercial team to share.

You’ll never slip behind programme through mismanagement or a simple oversight in procurement scheduling.

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Companies using C-Link

The platform is easy to use and has proved a convenient way for us to organise our tendering. Innovative concepts like this can seem daunting, however the support offered by the C-link team ensures the process is very straightforward.

Dominic Facchino, Director - Formal Property Group

The process, once learnt, helps with the strategic planning of a project, greatly aids speed of tender issue, contract award and engrossment. For sure it has meant that we have been more methodical and up to speed in fully awarding packages and entering into contracts prior to start on site. Overall we know that the C-Link experience has saved us time and money both in our own time management and also subcontractor prices.

Andy Szymanski, Project Manager – Vivant Homes

C-Link has helped me make the process of procurement easily manageable and enjoyable, having all information within the same format and at finger tips. Great contacts have been made and more importantly profit and time spent on such tasks has been improved.

Bryan Kirkham, Quantity Surveyor – Morton Hale

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