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Access a network of prequalified subcontractors

C-Link provides a network of prequalified subcontractors, covering each trade for your project.

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The majority of Main Contractors and Developers fall into one of two camps. Either they don`t have suitable subcontractors to tender for each package or they don’t have enough suitable subcontractors to ensure that prices are competitive for each.

C-Link not only provides you with several pre-qualified subcontractors to tender for each package, but it also provides you with pre-populated procurement schedules.

You’ll spend 20 minutes setting up a project with relevant details and documents, and within 24 hours you have a populated procurement schedule with 3 or 4 interested subcontractors waiting for your tender enquiry.

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How does it work?

Project Dashboard

Start by naming your project and providing top-level information like location, project start and end dates, project status and type.

Project Dashboard

Now input site details like work hours and insurance requirements.

Project Dashboard

Next, use package collator. Upload project documents and our system will suggest trade packages.

Project Dashboard

Confirm suggested packages or merge suggestions to create larger packages. Then select start on site date and tender return dates for each package. Then hit publish.

Project Dashboard

Our network of prequalified subcontractors will receive notification of your project and, where relevant, register their interest. Interested subcontractors will appear on your C-Link dashboard where you can select to review and add suitable businesses to your procurement schedule to receive your enquiry.

Ready to start increasing your margins?

You have too many important things to remember besides when to send out a contract and when you need to receive a tender. Start using C-Link Procurement Manager to ensure your schedule runs smoothly.