EP 113

Inside the Mind of a Subcontractor: What Happens when they receive a Main Contract Tender (EP 113)



This week, Paul is joined by Mike Wharton, Chief Executive Officer at Complete Roofing Systems, Allied Roofing and Roof Analytics. Mike is passionate about quality and standards in the delivery of construction and has had an exciting journey from Equity Analyst and Fund Manager to CEO at a roofing subcontractor.

I believe that often Main contractors consider subcontractors a commodity and then are disappointed by the lack of quotes they receive. Usually, I think this is due to the approach and presentation of main contract enquiry documents. During today’s show, we explore how subcontractors view tenders that arrive into their business: what they perceive as an interesting tender and what is a laughable one.

If you’re a main contractor, this will be a real eye-opener, and if you’re a subcontractor, this will hopefully educate you on some top tips to mirror in your business.

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The Ultimate Guide to Subcontract Tendering

On an average project, you procure somewhere in the region of 10 to 20 subcontractors depending on h...

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