EP 100

How one woman’s attempt to save her family business is saving UK construction (EP 100)



In this landmark episode, Own the Build has a first in having three special guests in the studio. Paul is joined by Katie Hathaway (Head of Business Engagement and Communications), Natalie King (Operations Director) and Nicola Bird (Managing Director) at AccXel, the UK’s first industry-led, co-funded construction school.

In this funny and heart-warming conversation, Katie, Natalie and Nicola talk about their inspiration for founding AccXel being to save a family business and that this is now the wider industry: 

“AccXel is not just a training school; it is an ideology based on experience, data, strong values and the aspiration of future-proofing the industry.”

The work being done at AccXel is genuinely phenomenal, and all in construction should want to understand it better. As promised, you can find links to our guest's LinkedIn profiles below:


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