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Expert Insights for Quantity Surveyors on Resolving Claims in Construction. (EP 127)



In the studio today, Paul is joined by Sean Bradley, Contract & Commercial Management Consultant at SB Consultancy. Sean is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, a Fellow of the RICS and has over 30 years of project & commercial management experience on major Civils & Building projects.

In today’s conversation, Sean and I discuss claim strategy. What do I mean by this? We have talked about records in recent weeks, and this fits into a more comprehensive process of how you can prepare your business to avoid claims but be best prepared for dispute resolution if it comes to it.

Sean’s experience as a Commercial Director for a large contractor and now a Party Representative leaves him very placed to share his thoughts in a fascinating conversation.

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  1. Implications and Opportunities of a Design & Build Contract


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Implications and Opportunities of a Design & Build Contract

A Design and Build Contract presents the contractor with the biggest opportunities to value engineer...

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