Managing your Team and Supply Chain

You’ve signed up for a C-Link account, and now you’re ready to add your colleagues and supply chain to your account. This section covers everything you need to know about adding team members to your account and uploading your existing supply chain. If you can’t find the help you’re looking for, click on the chatbox to start a conversation with one of our support teams.

Team Manager

  • 1)Login and from your dashboard Click “Team Manager”

Adding to your Team

You can collaborate on projects with your colleagues if you have a Team or Platinum account by inviting people to join your C-Link team.

  • 2)At the top of the page fill out Name, Email and User Type for anyone you’d like to invite to C-Link and they will receive an email with a link to join your team. NB. If you have a C-Link Team account the maximum number of users you can have is 5
  • 3)What are the different User Types on C-Link?
  • 3)Click the “Create New Template” button and then choose which package and Template you’d like to create. Then press “Create Tender”.
    • a)Admin: usually a company director or the primary user in your company. Admins have full access and can add and remove users. Admins see every project and can edit and update the supply chain too
    • b)Manager: usually project leaders or commercial/contracts managers. Managers cannot edit users but can see all projects and can edit and update the supply chain
    • c)Assistant: usually project assistants (either QS or PMs). This is a limited account where the user cannot edit the supply chain and only sees their own projects.

Managing your team

Once you’ve set the number of users in your team you can manage them and the projects, they’re involved in.

  • 4)Click the Action button on the User to Assign them to different projects. Doing this will allow them to access the Project Dashboard and will populate their calendar with different actions for the project
  • 5)To delete a User just Click the Action button and press Delete. Be careful as this will totally remove the user from C-Link
  • 6)Click the Projects Team tab to quickly see which users are tagged to which projects and click the “x” button to remove them from projects if necessary

Company Assets

Company Assets is where you find the standard C-Link Tender and Order documents. These are editable here if you would like to tweak them in anyway. NB: Just remember if you change the Company Assets here they will change for all future tender/contract documents.

  • 1)If you scroll to the bottom of the document, you will see a Numbered Documents list. Press “File Manager” to edit and add/delete files.
  • 2)There is a selection of three different Tender Templates and five Order Templates on C-Link as a standard; these are listed below:

    Tender Templates

    • Quick Tender
    • The JCT Design and Build Subcontract (with amendments)
    • The JCT Standard Building Subcontract (with amendments)

    Order Templates

    • Purchase Order
    • Small Works Order (staged payments)
    • Small Works Order (Monthly Valuations)
    • The JCT Design and Build Subcontract (with amendments)
    • The JCT Standard Building Subcontract (with amendments)
  • 3)To edit a document just click the “eye” icon next to the document. Once in document creator you can edit the standard template and these changes will be reflected in all documents of this type in the future
  • 4)If you’re in a team always check with your Team Admin that you can make these changes and do not remove any content {in these brackets} without contacting your C-Link Account Manager first. This content is called “shortcode” and is where information is automated from C-Link’s servers when you issue Tenders and Orders

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain area is a place where you manage and build an approved network of subcontractors from your own database and C-Link’s community. You can add any company to your Supply Chain and you’ll then be able to issue Tenders and Orders to them through C-Link.

  • 1)To find this area login and from your dashboard Click “Supply Chain” from the left-hand tab

Searching the Supply Chain

  • 2)You can search Supply Chain using either the “Search for Companies” or “Search for Packages” tool at the top. Search by company by typing in the name of the subcontractor and search by package by using trade name (i.e. dry lining). Simply type your search and press enter
  • 3)The results will show you the Primary Trades that match your search and just press the “+” button next to the trade to find who is in your Supply Chain for that search

Adding your entire Supply Chain

If you previously managed your supply chain on an excel spreadsheet and want to transfer this data to C-Link you can do this.

  • 4)At the top toggle to the “Import Supply Chain” tab. NB: For best results when you upload your Supply Chain make sure the document starts on Row 1
  • 5)Press Upload Supply Chain and the system will read your document
  • 6)Next match the Column Headers in the excel to the categories on C-Link (i.e. Address to “Company Address”, Email to “Company E-Mail” etc.) and then press Save
  • 7)You will see your information in a new format and can now add the information to your C-Link supply chain using the tick boxes on the left. Tick a subcontractor and press “Add to your Supply Chain”. When this is done a pop up will open – choose the Trades this subcontractor does and then press Save
  • 8)The subcontractor is added to your Supply Chain

Adding individual Subcontractors to your Supply Chain

  • 9)Search for a trade and press the “+” button next to the trade
  • 10)Once you’ve selected the Primary Trade you will see specific trades with a number and “+” sign next to them. Press the “+” button and then “Add New Subcontractor”
  • 11)At the top of the Pop Up you can see C-Link Subcontractors for that trade. Press the “+” to add them to your Supply Chain
  • 12)If you would like to add your own Subcontractor just type the information into the fields below. You can also search and add new Trades to this company’s account on your Supply Chain if for instance they do Plastering and Dry-Lining or Structural Steelwork and Architectural Steelwork
  • 13)Once you’ve finished press Invite to Supply Chain and the company will be added to your Supply Chain and you can send them Tenders and Orders through C-Link