Getting Started

You’ve signed up for a C-Link account, and we’re thrilled to have you with us. We’ve tried to provide all of the materials you need to manage procurement like a pro in this support section. If you can’t find the help you’re looking for, click on the chatbox to start a conversation with one of our support teams.

What is C-Link?

C-Link is a platform designed for Developers and Main Contractors to manage the subcontract procurement process.

You and your team create a project, upload all relevant drawings and documents and publish them on C-Link. Our system reads your documents, suggests trade packages and distributes sufficient information to send out to our network of prequalified specialist contractors who register their interest in the project.

You can then accept contractors onto your supply chain, generate a procurement schedule, quickly create tender documents from our contract builder, and issue multiple enquiries.

When the contractors return their quotation, you can use C-Link to compare each quotation and run a tender analysis before creating the sub-contract document and issuing the order.

You can do all of the above within C-Link and track progress and key deadlines with our Procurement Calendar.

Setting up an Individual Profile

If you choose the C-Link Individual account, setup is simple. Once payment has been made and your account has been approved just follow these steps:

  • 1)Head to and Click Login in the top right-hand corner
  • 2)You will be asked to insert your username (typically your email) and password to login to C-Link
  • 3)You’re now logged into C-Link. First, head to the profile tab and fill in your details. You can also add a Profile Picture in the top left of the dashboard. NB: Make sure all the fields are filled out correctly here as these will be used on your tender and contract templates
  • 4)Once you’ve done this, your account is setup and you can get started. Next step, create a new project

Setting up a Team Profile

You will receive an invitation from your colleague to join C-Link; follow these steps to get registered and setup:

  • 1)Click the link in the email invitation and head over to C-Link
  • 2)Insert the email address that you were invited to C-Link on
  • 3)Next, fill out the form, choose a password and press “Create Account”. Your account will then be created
  • 4)On the next page you will be asked to insert your username (typically your email) and password to login to C-Link
  • 5)You’re now logged into C-Link. Head to the profile tab and fill in your details. You can also add a Profile Picture in the top left of the dashboard
  • 6)Contact your Company Admin who will allocate you to existing projects or you can simply start to Plan your own projects

Navigating the Dashboard

When you first login to C-Link, you will arrive at your Dashboard where you see a calendar with upcoming actions and any notifications of recent activity.

How does the calendar work?

  • 1)The calendar shows events from every single one of your projects. If you’re involved in more than one, this calendar will show all your actions on all projects
  • 2)You can view the calendar in monthly, weekly or daily formats by toggling between the three options in the top right-hand corner

How do the notifications work?

  • 1)The notifications in your dashboard show events from every single one of your projects
  • 2)The notifications in the dashboard will summarise key actions or activity that has occurred on your account recently. You can click the eye icon to view the notification or press the bin icon to remove the notification

Navigating around the Dashboard

There are eight key actions that you can complete from the dashboard and these are mainly shown in the tab on the left-hand side of your screen:

  • 1)Dashboard: Press this button to return to your C-Link dashboard
  • 2)Profile: Press this button to complete or update your profile. This is very important
  • 3)Projects: Press this button to create a new project and view your old projects. Each project has its own individual Project Dashboard. To find your Project Dashboard press this button
  • 4)Team Manager: If you have a C-Link Team or Platinum account you can head here to manage the team and allocate different users to different projects
  • 5)Company Assets: Company Assets is where you can find your standard C-Link Tender and Contract documents. These are editable here if you would like to tweak them in anyway.
    NB: Just remember if you change the Company Assets here they will change for all future tender/contract documents.
  • 6)Supply Chain: Press this button to access and build your C-Link Supply Chain. From this area of the software you can add subcontractors from your own supply chain and also search and add C-Link subcontractors to your own Supply Chain
  • 7)Help & Support: Press this button to access our range of videos and step by steps on how to use the C-Link platform
  • 8)Logout: Press this button to logout