Programme Management

You’re a Property Developer who typically acts as a Main Contractor on projects. You have just completed a series of schemes and have several more secured sites across London and the South East about to commence.

During recent projects that you ‘construction managed’, you experienced programme issues which you believe were driven by a lack of information transmitted by yourself and then by your contractors on site.

We put together this scenario to Jason Farnell, Adjudicator and CEDR Accredited Mediator from Commercial Risk Management.

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What’s in this book?

  • Should we have a master programme, and if so, how much detail should this go into?

  • Often at the outset of a project we don’t have a clear understanding of all the subcontract package programmes for each trade, particularly for very specialist works. We generally get an understanding of this through the tender process and market feedback. How do we incorporate this into our master programme?

  • What influence should the architect have on the programme?

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