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Procurement Pocketbook for Blinds

Procurement Pocketbook for Blinds

Construction is a highly technical industry with hundreds of trades making it almost impossible for anyone to understand all the different specialties.

Despite this, as professionals, we spend thousands of pounds procuring subcontract packages each year. There will be some days when you’ll have wished you better understood certain technical details to inform your decision-making.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the experts gave you some insight into how best to manage things?

Our mission at C-Link is to make a more collaborative and profitable industry for us all and that’s why we’ve created this C-Link Procurement Pocketbook for Blinds.

The Pocketbook has tips on how to:

  • Analyse tender submissions

  • Identify Value Engineering opportunities

  • Remove risks on site and deliver on programme

This handbook allows you to procure like an expert and whether you’re a Developer, Quantity Surveyor or a Project Manager this document is for you ... Let’s get started …

Take a pick inside the book

Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies

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