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Late on a Payment Notice

What happens when you're late on a Payment Notice?

What happens when specification documents contain errors, divergencies and/or discrepancies for a specific package? At what point does a discrepancy between specification documents become a variation? At what point should a subcontractor responsible for design flag up these discrepancies?

This ebook covers the topics outlined above and we have put together a fictional scenario for comments from Jason Farnell, Adjudicator and CEDR Accredited Mediator from Commercial Risk Management.

What's in this book?

  • A Q&A with J P Farnell, Adjudicator and CEDR Accredited Mediator

  • Jason provides actionable and detailed guidance on what to do when you're late to deliver a Payment Notice

  • The scenario - I'm a Main Contractor working on a JCT Contract, latest edition. I've employed a major subcontractor on a 9-month programme and in month eight I failed to issue a Payment Notice / Certificate on time

Some of the questions we put to Jason:

  • How does this impact me and what are the main risks I'm now exposed to?

  • Can I issue the Payment Notice / Certificate late?

  • Are there any other options available to mitigate the impact/issue?

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Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies

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