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Designing to Sell

Designing to Sell

You’re an SME Property Development Company with a scheme of 20 units in South West London targeted at first-time buyers. There are some major developments being built in the area, which means your properties are likely to come onto the market at a time when the market is saturated with similar sized units.

Given this fact, how do you differentiate the product to stand out from the crowd?

We put this scenario to SC Architecture.

What’s in this book?

The Pocketbook has tips on how to:

  • From a design perspective, what can we do to make our scheme unique so that prospective buyers are more attracted to our product?

  • We have a budget of £5,000 per kitchen, what would you suggest we do with this budget to create a really unique living space?

  • We’re looking for innovative and unique ways to reduce the whole life cost of the building so we can pass this saving onto our clients – what would you propose?

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Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies

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