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Design Development

Design Development

“As a professional working in the construction industry, I have been told on many occasions by clients that ‘changes’ or variations, for which I believe I have a financial entitlement under the contract, are not variations and that the item is in fact Design Development.”

We put together this scenario to Jason Farnell, Adjudicator and CEDR Accredited Mediator from Commercial Risk Management.

What’s in this book?

The Pocketbook has tips on how to:

  • What is Design Development and how does it impact entitlement to variations?

  • We typically associate Design Development with Design and Build Contracts, but does it impact other procurement routes?

  • What is best practice in managing the design process to avoid Design Development disputes?

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Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies

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