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Agile Construction Management

Agile Construction Management

Many SME developers go down the route of traditional construction procurement via a Main Contractor. What if there was another way, one that saved you £100k on every £1 million spent, would you be interested?

Agile Construction Management is an approach that’s gathering in take-up amongst SME developers. We’ve created this ebook to outline exactly how to implement this approach to construction procurement and how it can help you generate a significant improvement on project margins.

The Pocketbook has tips on how to:

  • Analyse tender submissions

  • Identify Value Engineering opportunities

  • Remove risks on site and deliver on programme

This handbook allows you to procure like an expert and whether you’re a Developer, Quantity Surveyor or a Project Manager this document is for you ... Let’s get started …

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Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies
Errors and Discrepencies

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