Slow Investment Leads to Faltering Construction Growth


Paul Heming

August 14th, 2016
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Despite a number of positive signs that Construction is set to rebound from the issues caused by Brexit, in the short-term it appears that hesitance on the part of investors is leading to faltering growth in the sector. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) conducted a survey for the three months up to the end of June that saw industrial, private commercial and the housing sectors experiencing certain amounts of slowdown. The survey was conducted following the EU referendum result and was a mixed bag in terms of results. On the positive side, it found that workloads appeared to be growing for those in the affected sector, however, the pace of work being carried out is slower than may be expected, which points to a lack of investment.More than two-thirds of those who were questioned as part of the survey pointed to financing as the biggest issue that they had to deal with, leading to constraints on output.The issue of a skills shortage was also highlighted, which may become an even larger problem should the Brexit result in fewer skilled workers immigrating to the United Kingdom.However, respondents also noted that they still expect their workloads to increase by an average of 1% over the course of the next twelve months. While this is lower than the growth experienced during the previous year, it still demonstrates the strength of Construction in fairly uncertain times.The RICS’s Chief Economist, Simon Rubinsohn, stated: “Anecdotal evidence does indicate that the challenge for the British government in establishing a new relationship with the EU could see some investment plans in the construction sector scaled back.”

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About Paul Heming

Paul was a Quantity Surveyor who gained 10 years experience of managing £200 million worth of flagship UK projects, including 20 Fenchurch Street and Battersea Power Station. In 2015, Paul founded C-Link with the intention of sharing his expertise of managing major projects with the SME market.

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