PLanBEE Furthers Its Ambitions


Paul Heming

August 2nd, 2016
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A skills and careers program in the North East has joined forces with Gateshead College with the aim of developing its program further and offering more opportunities for youngsters who are looking to enter the Construction sector.

PlanBEE, which was launched by Ryder Architecture in 2013, with the support of a number of other private sector groups, including Cundall, Desco, Esh, Napper Architects, Summers Inman, Surgo, Arup and a range of others, has already done excellent work in terms of attracting more young people to an industry that has typically found it difficult to find new talent. It is hoped that this partnership will allow the program to further its ambitions, providing it with more opportunities to communicate with college-age people with the aim of explaining more about what Construction has to offer them.

Gateshead College has committed to creating an outline plan for PlanBEE, which it believes will give new recruits into the program a broader range of skills, thus making them more attractive prospects for Construction companies.

The college’s Deputy Principal, Chris Toon, commented: “This is a genuinely exciting and innovative programme we’ll be offering people from this September.

“It’s a great example of how Gateshead College is taking its strong links with regional employers, listening to their concerns and then working in close partnership to find innovative solutions for complex issues. You have to be responsive and that is how we work.”

This optimism is shared by Mark Thompson, who is a Managing Partner at Ryder Architecture, which helped to found the project. He commented: “We believe PlanBEE will inspire a new generation of bright, talented individuals to consider a rewarding career in construction.

The blended learning approach aims to deliver work-ready individuals with the creative, practical and entrepreneurial ambition the industry needs to evolve.”

Here at C-Link we recognize that attracting new talent to the industry is one of Construction’s biggest challenges and we support any efforts that are made in terms of providing information and more development opportunities to those who may not have considered the industry beforehand.

We are also committed to working with those who are currently in the industry through our dedicated framework, which makes the process of finding Professionals offering quality work easier, in addition to providing a simple process that allows for efficient tendering and procurement.

If you would like to find out more about the revolutionary work that we are doing to help the industry, please visit us at

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About Paul Heming

Paul was a Quantity Surveyor who gained 10 years experience of managing £200 million worth of flagship UK projects, including 20 Fenchurch Street and Battersea Power Station. In 2015, Paul founded C-Link with the intention of sharing his expertise of managing major projects with the SME market.

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