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London Enjoys High Levels of Construction Orders

by Paul Heming

Construction appears to be on the upswing in London and other areas of the UK, if recent figures released by the Office of National Statistics are accurate. London continues to dominate the sector, having seen an increase in new orders to the tune of 30% year on year, which is a remarkable growth considering the recent uncertainty surrounding the UK’s future in Europe. In raw numbers, this signals an increase of £870 million in the first quarter of 2016 when compared to the same period in 2015, casting further doubts on recent claims that Construction is struggling in terms of growth.There are a number of other areas of the UK that have seen similarly positive results; the South-West has seen new orders increase by 11.9%, while the East has also seen a large rise of 10.7%. Slighter growth of 3.1% was also reported in Yorkshire & the Humber, with the East Midlands also rising slightly by 1%.However, it is not all good news, unfortunately, as the West Midlands reported a decrease in orders of 7.7%, while the North-West recorded a 31.8% fall. However, it is important to point out that these falls came after significantly higher growth than expected in the first quarter of 2015 and that the current numbers outstrip the long-term average that is expected.

While Scotland remained stable, Wales is also highlighted as an area of potential concern, as it has seen a 22% fall.

In general terms however the news is excellent for Construction and for the many Specialists operating within the sector who had been expressing concern about how the possibility of a Brexit, which has now become a reality, could affect orders.

The goal of C-Link is to now help Specialists throughout the country find orders from Construction Professionals, actively working towards continued growth in areas that have experienced positive results while also ensuring that those that have seen a shortfall begin their recovery so that they can come in-line with other areas of the country.

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