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Paul Heming

September 28th, 2016
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…Confront “Flawed” Completion Stats

The recent housing completion figures released by the government have stirred up controversy amongst house building contractors, many of whom have taken umbrage as they believe the figures to be a “flawed” representation of what the sector is actually achieving. House building contractors have been placed under pressure in recent months by the government for not improving house completion rates, but it is claimed that the figures being used actually ignore around a fifth of new-build completions each year. This amounts to approximately 30,000 annual housing completions that the industry believes the government should be taking into account.It is unclear as to why these completions did not find their way into the official statistics, though some believe that poor returns from local authorities and flawed methodology for recording the completion of house building projects has played a part.The Home Builders Federation has released a statement on the issue:

“House building has increased significantly in recent years but the continual publication and use of inaccurate statistics is painting a negative picture that is undermining the progress being made in tackling the housing shortage.

“The Government’s housing policies and the industry are delivering, and it is incredibly frustrating that official statistics are not reflecting what is happening on the ground but instead presenting an open goal for critics.”

An analysis created by the organisation shows that Whitehall’s building statistics actually under-report the amount of new-build completions in as many as 75% of local authorities.

The report goes on to claim that an average of 153 new home builds are ‘lost’ in each of those areas, leading to a misrepresentation of house building contractors output.

Furthermore, over half of new build homes in such major cities as Birmingham and Liverpool are also unaccounted for in the Whitehall statistics, according to the report.

Here at C-Link we believe that those within the house building sector are doing an excellent job and should receive full credit for their work, so if the official statistics are flawed then the issue needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible.

We also offer services to both Construction Specialists who wish to find more work and Professionals who are looking to locate Specialist Contractors who are capable of getting work done to the highest standard. This includes plenty of work in the residential sector.

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About Paul Heming

Paul was a Quantity Surveyor who gained 10 years experience of managing £200 million worth of flagship UK projects, including 20 Fenchurch Street and Battersea Power Station. In 2015, Paul founded C-Link with the intention of sharing his expertise of managing major projects with the SME market.

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