UK Piling Contractors – The Future For The Sector

UK piling contractors have many opportunities available to them at present, and this is an industry that is set to grow considerably over the coming years. However, it’s not without its challenges at present, and one of these challenges lies in a segmented procurement process.

There will always be a high demand for piling contractors in the UK. After all, so long as buildings and structures are being constructed, piling is a service that will be needed. However, we are likely to see some big changes in the construction industry in general over the coming years. The British Government’s Construction 2025 agenda was recently released, which revealed their intention to achieve the following: a 50 per cent reduction in overall time, from inception to completion, for refurbished assets, 50 per cent reduction in the trade gap between total exports and imports, 50 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and 33 per cent reduction in the whole life cost of built assets and the initial cost of construction. Part of this lies with creating a strong and resilient supply chain. The economic downturn hit the construction industry hard. Nevertheless, it is predicted that 590 Plant Operatives will be required every year in the construction industry in the UK from 2016 to 2020. This includes piling specialists. The highest demand for such construction contractors is going to be in Northern Ireland and Yorkshire & Humber, followed by Scotland, Wales, and Greater London. The trouble at present often lies within finding these jobs.

No matter whether you run a piling business or are looking for UK piling contractors, Construction Link Limited can assist. Our mission is to address the issues that were identified in the British Government’s Construction 2025 agenda. We do this by delivering a service that streamlines the procurement process and generates a more integrated and sustainable supply chain. To find out more, simply check out our website:

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