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With our tender analysis tools, you’ll always get the most competitive construction rates on the market.

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Our tender analysis feature pulls in all of the tenders received from every subcontractor for every trade package. You can then select to break out the prices to get a better understanding of what is included in each quotation.

You can set and review budgets across the whole project. Once you’ve checked subcontractor prequalification and compliance, the tender analysis will update forecast costs for the package and project in total, allowing you to gain a quick commercial overview of your project.

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How does it work?

Project Dashboard

You add your budgets to each package and gross internal area for the project.

Project Dashboard

The subcontractors submit their quotation and the details appear in your tender analysis for the relevant package.

Project Dashboard

You can see the overall price from each subcontractor, as well as a breakdown by measured works, prelims and provisional sums.

Project Dashboard

Upon inspecting each tender, you can mark them as compliant or non-compliant.

Project Dashboard

At the bottom of the tender analysis, you can see the summary and overall forecast of costs against budget and cost per square foot.

Ready to start increasing your margins?

You have too many important things to remember besides when to send out a contract and when you need to receive a tender. Start using C-Link Procurement Manager to ensure your schedule runs smoothly.