Rope Access Contractors – A Guide To IRATA Levels

Rope access contractors are required for various development projects where you need workers to get to difficult-to-reach locations without using an aerial work platform, cradles, or scaffolding. When you are you looking for rope access contractors, it is advisable to find specialists that are members of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA International).

The IRATA is the only worldwide trade association in the work-at-height sector, and it has member businesses in each and every continent. Under the IRATA, there are three levels of rope access construction contractors. Firstly, there is level one, which indicates a rope access technician who can perform a limited selection of rope access tasks that can only be carried out while an IRATA level three rope access technician is supervising. Level two is for a rope access technician that has the ability to rig working ropes, undertake rescues, and perform rope access tasks. Again, this is under supervision, with an IRATA level three safety supervisor expected to watch over the work. Finally, we have the third and final level, which is for rope access technicians that can provide site supervision when rope access work projects are on-going. They must have the ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that are needed for all three levels. They must also have knowledge of the IRATA certification scheme, hold current first aid certification, have comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques, and be conversant with relevant legislation and work techniques. Understanding these three levels will ensure you are better positioned when hiring building contractors London for your project.

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