Roofing contractors London based and beyond operate in a high risk environment. Construction in general is a dangerous industry, with around 66,000 operatives across the UK reporting non-fatal accidents each year. Falls from a height make up the third most common reason for suffering injuries, but is the top cause of fatalities in construction.

During the period 2010 to 2015, there were 217 fatal injuries, of which 44% were due to falling from a height. It is not unreasonable to suppose that a large percentage of these happened to victims while working on or around roofs. And injuries or fatalities aside, it is certainly the case that roofing contractors London and across the country utilise equipment and materials that are expensive to replace if they should come to any harm. So unsurprisingly, insurance is a particularly important consideration for roofing contractors UK wide. Whether you work in roofing yourself or are a client employing roofing specialists for your project, what kinds of insurance should you expect to be in place? Firstly, there is employers’ liability insurance. This is a legal requirement if a roofer has employees, certainly if they are full-time. But also, it is generally a ‘must have’, even if workers are short-term, casual or employed on a contract basis. It protects the employer against the cost of claims for compensation for injuries or illnesses sustained by employees while working for them. It will also pay out the legal costs of any case brought against the employer in the event of accident or illness.

The law requires employers to have cover of at least £5 million, although some policies will automatically cover costs of up to £10 million. Aside from the protection and peace of mind this offers, an employer could be liable to fines of up to £2,500 a day if they fail to put this insurance in place. There is no such legal obligation to carry other forms of insurance, but it is advisable when working in such a high-risk area. One policy usually recommended for roofing contractors in London and beyond is public liability insurance. In any case, it is often a condition of the contract if licensed roofing contractors are bidding for public sector work. With the best will in the world, accidents do happen. If a tile slips from a roof and damages a car or building in the vicinity, or even worse, strikes a passer-by, then the roofing contractor could be held liable. Public liability insurance protects the employer and his firm against claims and legal costs for injury to others or damage to property caused as a result of roofing work. A ‘contractors all risks’ policy is an additional investment many roofers decide to make. This cover all the costs of materials and tools if they are stolen, lost or damaged, intentionally or otherwise.

Construction contractors in general, and roofing contractors London and beyond in particular, are well advised to ensure the right types and levels of insurance are in place. As well as protecting against the worst-case scenarios, it is also a reassurance to clients that yours is a firm that takes its responsibilities seriously.