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Procurement Manager

Plan, track and set reminders on all of your procurement tasks with C-Link Procurement Manager.

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When you have multiple packages to subcontract on a project, you’ll have dozens, if not hundreds of procurement tasks throughout the project which need to be scheduled.

With C-Link procurement manager, we extract the data that you input when you initially plan your project, meaning that every tender return and sub-contract deadline is automatically added to your calendar for the commercial team to share.

With C-Link, you’ll never slip behind programme through mismanagement or a simple oversight in procurement scheduling.

procurement management

How does it work?

Project Dashboard

You create a project with C-Link in ‘Plan My Project’. Upload project documents and create trade packages for the project with tender return dates, start dates and end dates. All of this information is automatically added to your Procurement Manager Calendar

Company Calendar

You can then manually add any tasks or reminders to the calendar, meaning everyone in your commercial team is kept up-to-date on every procurement deadline and milestone

Ready to start increasing your margins?

You have too many important things to remember besides when to send out a contract and when you need to receive a tender. Start using C-Link Procurement Manager to ensure your schedule runs smoothly.