Plastering And Drylining Contractors – Wet Plaster Or Dry Lining?

Plastering and drylining contractors are widely available, and you will need to hire such specialists towards the end of your development project. But is it better to opt for drylining or wet plaster to finish internal walls and ceilings? Below, we take a look at both options in further detail.

Wet plaster or drylining is something that has been debated for many, many years now – since the 1940s! A lot of people prefer plasterboard because they benefit from a fast installation, which is often of critical importance of large development projects. Plus, you do not have to worry about any cracks or a drying period. On the other hand, wet plaster is also a popular choice because it goes well with the feel and look of traditional materials, doesn’t cause issues in terms of fixing items to the walls, and you benefit from better sound proofing. With regards to wet plaster, construction contractors will typically use either gypsum or cement. There is little difference between the two, and so it is better to get the contractor to simply advise on the best option. You can expect a smooth and durable finish when you go for this option. It offers superior airtightness, giving a good seal around openings, and it is ideal for difficult areas, including window or door dormers and reveals. The importance of choosing skilled contractors when opting for wet plaster, in particular, cannot be ignored.

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