Piling Contractors In London – Documents You Need From Your Piling Contractor

Piling contractors in London are widely available, and the importance of choosing the right piling firm for your project cannot be underestimated. Nevertheless, while concerning yourself with the design and installation of the pile foundations, it is important to make sure you get the necessary documents from your piling contractors.

You are going to need to submit certain documents to make sure that your foundations are approved by building control. As the project manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that the construction contractors provide you with the necessary documents. This includes the geotechnical site investigation report, as well as the foundation drawings and pile layouts, which should include pile reference numbers and loadings. You also need to acquire the pile design calculation for all horizontal, vertical and heave forces, as well as a copy of the pile set design. Additionally, you need to get the relevant calculations to show how the load on each pile was calculated. It is important to discuss all of this with the piling contractors you hire from the offset. Of course, they should know that they will need to provide you with all of these documents, but it’s not something you should take for granted. Before further work over the piles can be carried out, you will need confirmation of the suggested number of pile load tests, and the justification for them. This should come with copies of relevant reports, e.g. static and CAPWAP. Finally, you will need documents on the pile integrity tests themselves and installation logs.

Now you know the documents required, you need to find the right piling contractors in London for your project. This is where Construction Link Limited comes in. All you need to do is post your project on our website, and all interested piling contractors will register their interest. For more information, simply navigate to https://c-link.com.

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