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Our Network of Subcontractors

It's not easy to join our Network of approved Contractors. We set a high bar for Subcontractors to join and we focus heavily on Pre-Qualification - but it's 100% worth it. Here's how we Pre-Qualify...

Our Network of Specialists

Some of the things we do to ensure the subcontractors on our network are a perfect fit for your project:

  • We request standard documents like insurances, Companies House certificate, Health & Safety Policy, etc.

  • We ask for details on the largest project that the subcontractor has undertaken and we substantiate this number with the contact on the client side.

  • We request proof of any accreditations stated by the subcontractor.

  • We meet with all of our Premium Subcontractor Members

  • We request two client references, and make contact with the reference to substantiate the review.

  • We don't need high volumes of subcontractors on our Network; we only take the best.