London Roofing Contractors - Tender Evaluation

London roofing contractors have submitted their tender responses, and now you need to analyse them to determine which company is right for you. This is a critical part in the process, so ensure that you and your team has all the necessary skills to make the decision. You may require a legal expert, for instance, as well as a purchasing, technical, and financial expert.

So, let’s begin with the financial side of the tender response. You need to ensure that all costs are covered correctly in the prices that are offered by the roofing contractors London based that have made a bid. Terms of payment should be included, as well as the identification of retentions, discounts where appropriate, extra costs, and any price escalation formulae should be accurate. If all bids exceed the cost you estimated, you have an important decision on your hands. Should you abandon the process and start the exercise again? Or, should you reappraise the estimate? Technical members of your team will need to carry out the technical assessment part of all construction contractors tender responses. Any alternatives or modifications provided will need to be assessed on an individual basis to see whether they are more cost effective or not. If you provided a detail specification originally, make sure that all of the details add up. Next, a capacity assessment needs to be carried out, which will determine the bidders’ capability to perform in accordance with the contract. Transparency needs to be maintained throughout the process, and there needs to be a clear and documented audit trail.

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