Licensed Roofing Contractors – Questions You Should Ask Regarding Procurement

Licensed roofing contractors may need to be procured for a development project you are managing at present. In fact, you probably need a wide range of construction contractors for the project. But, first, you need to ensure that your approach to procurement is effective.

There are some key questions you can ask yourself to assess your current capacity to procure and manage construction procurement efficiently and professionally. By asking these key questions, you can find the gaps in your procurement process that need improving before you embark on the project ahead of you. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are considering the full range of procurement options, or if you are simply choosing fixed cost and the lowest price tenders? Are you securing sustainable options from the procurement of your contracts? Are you meeting the requirements of EU procurement legislation when procuring through a framework? Does the contract provide measurable and clear value for money throughout its entire lifespan? Have you executed procurement well in regards to UK and EU procurement standards? Does your procurement of construction contracts take into account whole life cost and value, trust and quality, or do you simply go for the lowest price approach? Is the exchange of information transparent and open between partners in the project? Are your procurement policies sustainable? Do you focus on ‘whole life’ costing? These questions may open a tin of worms, but it is a tin worth opening.

Now you can perfect your approach to procurement, and once you have done so, you need to find the best licensed roofing contractors London for the task at hand, as well as any other specialists you require. This is the easy part thanks to Construction Link Limited; Post the details of your project on our website and let the best roofing contractors London and UK wide come to you.

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