Licensed Flooring Contractor – Don’t Come Second

Licensed flooring contractor is someone that will be required nearer to the end of the project. If this is a service you provide, you will need to supply a written tender in order to secure the work. Below, we provide some top tips on winning tenders, ensuring that you don’t come second.

One of the biggest mistakes that construction contractors make before they even put pen to paper is chasing the wrong deals. Ask yourself: Can you do the job? Can you win it? Moreover, do you want it? You should only submit a tender if you answer ‘yes’ to all three questions. Preparation is of critical importance. You need to have a robust pre-proposal planning process in place. An effective proposal is one that excellently articulates a compelling story, convincing the buyer that you are the only option for the job. You need to demonstrate your strategy, and this needs to take into account the competition (why you are different), your capability, and, of course, the customer. You also need to write professionally and persuasively. You can hire an experienced writer to put the tender document together if you are not confident with your writing capabilities. Make life easy for quantity surveyors and project managers by ensuring your tender has a good structure and layout, as well as informative graphics. And, most importantly, learn and improve with every proposal you send.

If you are a licensed flooring contractors and you are looking for work, make sure you are ahead of the game with Construction Link Limited ( With our online platform, you can browse projects. If you see that someone requires flooring contractors, you can discover when they need the tender back by and when they require work to start. If you can conduct the work, register your interest, and see if you have been chosen.

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