Key Features

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    Plan My Project

    • Create a procurement schedule on C-Link
    • Pre-Qualified Specialists come direct to you.
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    Enquiry Generator

    • Send multiple enquiries at the touch of a button
    • Track tenders and receive quotations on C-Link
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    • A Construction search tool that delivers perfect results
    • Filter by the size, type and location of your project
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    Improve project budgets

    • Competitively tender every package
    • Better understand the market with more Specialists
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    Save time

    • Search and issue enquiries in seconds
    • We update your project procurement schedules
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    Improve supply chain relationships

    • Share your experiences and review your Supply Chain
    • Invite Specialists to your projects

The Benefits


Why use C-Link?

Our procurement tools are free to use and we Pre-Qualify Specialists so you don't have to.

Using C-Link means you'll always be able to tender packages and deliver the best outcome in terms of time and money for your project.


What makes us unique?

C-Link is designed by construction experts to make your life easy.

Use Plan My Project and we populate your Procurement Schedule with interested, suitable and Pre-Qualified Specialists.

Reasons to Join (it's Free!)

Our Happy Pros

C-Link Concierge

C-Link offer bespoke commercial support packages – whether you're looking to improve your standard documents, the way you tender or enter into Contract, our experts can support you.

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