Groundworks Contractor – The Biggest Mistake Contractors Make On Their Proposals

Groundworks contractor, like all construction contractors and professionals, tend to spend a lot of their working life putting together proposals for different projects. It is actually the thing that most contractors hate doing! Below, we are going to reveal the biggest mistake contractors make on their proposals so that you can avoid doing the same thing.

You may think that the biggest mistake is something in the small detail, such as typos and misspellings. However, while typos don’t look professional, this is not one of the biggest errors. In fact, the biggest blunder tends to be in regards to experience and qualifications. When writing a proposal, the vast majority of building contractors London tend to assume that noting their qualifications as a business is sufficient. However, showing that you are qualified and competent narrows down the prospective buyer’s decision to you and virtually all other groundworks businesses in the UK. Competency and qualifications are not enough – you need to explicitly explain why you are the company the buyer NEEDs for that project. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the pack. You want the procurement professional to read the proposal and think ‘wow, that’s the company we need on our project.’ Project managers don’t want the cheapest or the most qualified – they want the best. Show potential clients the value in choosing you, whether it is similar projects you have worked on in the past, the equipment you have available, or the timescale you can work to.

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