Flooring Contractors: When Should The Flooring Go Down?

Flooring contractors are an essential part of any new build or renovation. It does not matter what kind of flooring you choose in the end, you will still need specialised construction contractors to do the work for you. At which stage should the flooring go down in your building project? Ideally, this should be once the walls are complete, but before painting and other finishing is done. It should definitely be done before the skirting boards are added. Timing is key to ensuring the work has been carried out successfully, as you can then check that the floors are level and will perform as they should.

When Hiring Construction Contractors, What Are The Benefits Of Stone Flooring?

Stone flooring can make a truly wonderful impact in any room. It is interesting, chic and stylish; and of course it is modern. There are many benefits to stone flooring and hiring a stone flooring contractor to install it makes sound business as well as aesthetic sense. The main benefit is that stone lasts forever. This means that this strong, hardy material won’t need much maintenance at all, and its effect won’t diminish over time. Other types of flooring may need replacing or refurbishment after a relatively short period of time, but stone flooring almost enhances with age. Another benefit to stone flooring is that is creates a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors. Flooring contractors will tell you that this is also a hygienic choice as it is easy for users to clean and maintain. It does not encourage dust or allergens as carpeting may. It is also naturally cool when the weather is warm, so when London flooring contractors install stone flooring they will be ensuring that your premises remain comfortable on even the hottest of summer days. However, stone also conducts heat particularly well, so makes a great investment when underfloor heating is to be a feature of the building. Finally, there is an impressive range of stone types available for flooring. Harder, non-porous stones like granite and slate are ideal for high-traffic areas; but even softer stones like marble and travertine which look stunning can be protected from footfall by the specialist application of sealants. Demolition contractors can be in high demand, and it is important to find a good one

Ask Your UK Flooring Contractors About The Benefits Of Concrete Flooring

If stone flooring is out of your budget range or not appropriate for another reason, another option UK flooring contractors may well recommend is concrete flooring. Concrete flooring has a number of benefits. Any concrete flooring contractors UK will be able to inform you about its sustainability. Existing concrete slabs can be reused in a refurbishment project, for instance, and therefore minimise your outlay on new materials. Another closely related benefit to concrete flooring is that it is extremely economical when compared to other flooring types. And concrete slabs don’t have to be used in functional or industrial spaces, either. Concrete is a material that can easily be made to look stylish by adding colours and textures at mixing and/ or curing stage, creating an almost endless variety of effects from mock wood to a highly polished marble look. Concrete flooring also reduces ongoing maintenance requirements as it is easy to take care of. It simply needs to be sealed or waxed on a periodic basis – how often depends on the level of traffic over it; and mopped with a neutral cleaning agent between times. Concrete floors are highly durable, though; even when used in commercial conditions. Importantly for projects these days, it is environmentally friendly too. Made entirely from natural materials, there is much less of a carbon footprint associated with its use when compared to other types of flooring. Once you decide on the flooring you want then visit Construction Link Limited’s excellent contractor sourcing website.

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