Fit Out Contractors London – What Services Are Included?

Fit out contractors London wide are available to cater to all of your needs when you get towards the end of your project. They will ensure that your building is fit for purpose, no matter whether it is a hotel, museum or offices. However, before you sign on the dotted line, you need to be aware of what is included in the service and what isn’t.

By comparing fit out contractors on this basis, you will determine where the true value for money lies. A lot of companies offer such a low quote because they know you will need additional services later, and they will offer a premium for these. So, let’s begin with the consultancy side of things. Will the contractors provide detailed cost estimates, building appraisal, electronic surveys, management interviews, an accommodation summary, and workplace appraisal? If they provide a technical appraisal of the building, find out what surveys this includes, i.e. whether electricity, plumbing, IT, telecoms, heating and ventilation, and air conditioning are included. Next, the design side of things. The services you should expect include furniture, 3D visualisations, space planning, interior design, and concept, test fit and working drawings. You will also want to find out whether the business provides services relating to environmental compliance, such as proper waste transfer documentation for all site waste. Finally, how do they approach project management, i.e. weekly update meetings, regular quality reporting, arranging planning permission, detailed cost estimates and alike.

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