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Account Info

It couldn’t be simpler! Create an account by clicking on the ‘sign up’ button on the “I’m a Specialist” page. Enter your details, accept our Terms of Service, create your profile and receive enquiries from new clients!

Do you want to grow on your business and find new clients? Creating an account gives you access to new projects and clients across the UK. Create a C-Link profile and get instant exposure: receive Professional testimonials from your current clients and get exclusive access to Live Projects across the UK.

Specialists registered with us can get C-Link for Free. For the full benefits and to maximise returns, Premium access is available on a Pay Monthly (£75) or Pay Yearly (£750) basis.

We like to keep things simple.

If you choose our Monthly Plan this is a no-nonsense rolling contract that you can cancel month on month with written notice to us. The Yearly Plan does tie you in for a year but remember, we give you two months free of charge for the pleasure.

It couldn’t be simpler! Create an account by clicking on the ‘sign up’ button on the “I’m a Professional” page. Enter your details confirming who you are; where you work and accept our Terms of Service.

General Info

We run a strict Pre-Qualification process which includes getting access to Specialists' Insurances, Accreditation and References. C-Link is home to the highest calibre of Specialists to ensure all searches deliver quality results.

How To

1. You need to be either a registered Specialist or Professional which you can do from the homepage by clicking here:

2. It takes two minutes to register and then you need to login and go to your dashboard where you will see this screen:

3. Now click referrals and you will see this screen:

4. Now type in the email address of the Professional or Specialist you want to refer, accept our Terms and Conditions and press Send.

5. Once you click send the names of individuals you refer will appear just below.

6. When the person you refer registers, you will see the Status change from Not Used to Activated.

7. We will send you £25 in Amazon Vouchers as soon as 1 Specialist or 5 Professionals you refer register with us.

8. Happy referring!

All Premium Specialists can explore the Live Projects on C-Link and register interest in available packages. Registering your interest gives you access to project documents and the contact details of the client.

If you can't register interest in Live Packages it's probably because your account is Free. Upgrade to Premium for Exclusive Access.


It's very simple, you just need be a registered Professional. Registration is Free and takes two minutes by clicking HERE. Then just follow these steps:

  1. From the homepage use the search bar to find the Specialist's page (search by name using Refine Search)
  2. On their Profile page, click “Leave a Review”on the right hand side and get typing!

Share your Profile page on Social Media or use the Referrals Page to send invites to people in your network. Alternatively, just search C-Link and Click Connect on Professional or Specialist profiles - they will probably follow back!

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